Building partnerships from the ground up for over 30 years. Our goal is
to build practical, cost efficient projects that are both functional and visually appealing.


Procurement & Management

Massie & Co is a well-diversified Real Estate holdings company, currently exceeding over 5,000,000 sq ft of buildings.

Our goal is to manage property efficiently and in a proactive manner alleviating future issue for landlords. Our maintenance program focuses on reducing or eliminating deferred maintenance. Tenants have the peace of mind that any issues will be resolved quick and in a professional manner.  Our market knowledge and relationship with the brokerage community keeps us in tune with market trends and future forecasts.



Massie & Co. is an active investor in a wide range of exsisting properties located in California, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho.


Massie & Co. prides itself in customer focused property managment. Each property is managed internally to the highest quality benefiting all parties.


Massie & Co. has been building in our communities for over 30 years. We bring value and qaulity to our jobs. We have reputable relationships with vendors and subcontractors which allows for a seamless project from start to finish.


Massie & Co. is regularly moving properties into the market for sale. We also have many properties off market for consideration. Through Massie and it's subsidiaries it controls roughly 1,000 acres of land from .25 acre fully improved pad sites to 650 acre site.

Recent Inventory Updates