Ryan Massie

Managing Partner | ryan@massieco.com

Question: How long have you been at M&Co?

Answer: I’d say before my first chest hair. I don’t want to answer that, but if you must know you can check LinkedIn for it.

Question: Whats your typical day look like at M&Co?

Answer: Well it starts with coffee, iced to be exactly. Then it’s off to the races which consists of looking at deals, leases, reports, meetings never really a dull moment. After that its typicaly lunch, and a few drive byes and chasing something. I like to look around and see what’s going on in the market. You can’t always expect everything to just come to you, you got go chase after it.

Question: What was your first position at M&Co?

Answer: I started in the trenches literally digging footings and laying steel.

Question: Free time?

Answer: Mostly spectating my sons sports, but I enjoy eating out not necessarily fine dining but local stuff. I love surfing and snowboarding as well. The funny thing about that is my ability goes down each year. I also love traveling as well although my wife thinks I’m always working on our vacations.